Stay Inspired Bonus Content (Continuously Provided by Kirsti to Creatives Enrolled in Spark Your Creativity)

It takes intense commitment to Stay Inspired. Throughout the BONUS CONTENT you will find quotes, stories, videos and more to help you. Periodically we will be notifying you and providing you with a continuous flow to energize, inform and help you to STAY INSPIRED.

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    • Stay Unattached to the Results

    • Be Authentic and True to the Voice of Your Imagination

    • You and Your Dreams are Unique and Worth of Exression

    • Become Convicted About Your Art

    • Celebrate Personal Creative Victories

    • Be Strong in Bending

    • It Takes Courage to Make a Creative Commitment, So Stick to It

    • The Only Person Who Should Tell You How to Dream is You

    • Any Time is a Good Time to Get Started

    • If I Had Time, I Would

    • Become More Flowing by Becoming More Flexible as a Creative Being

    • It Takes Courage to be Authentic

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    • Kirsti Manna’s Interview with Reviver Recording Artist and Songwriter Brooke Moriber. A journey from NYC to Nashville, TN and what it took to get there.

    • Kirsti Manna’s interview with Contemporary Artist and Sumaira Foundation Ambassador Chelsey Tucker. A journey of true vision when you can only see with your mind.

    • Kirsti Manna’s Interview with published Colombian-American poet Kurma Murrain. The gift of words can open many doors and minds.

    • Kirsti Manna’s Interview with Author and International speaker/educator Linda Ragsdale. Surviving a tragedy can inspire you to lead others on a path of peace.